Art for Christ’s Sake


I currently give instruction in watercolor painting at multiple levels in spring and fall through a ministry of the First United Methodist Church of Fredonia.

Art Start is a visual and hands on arts program that is available to anyone in the community, as there is no charge. It is intended to minister to those who might have a need or desire to explore something new.

The classes provide an opportunity to learn, a safe social setting and a kind of art therapy with inspiration and encouragement.

There are so many benefits; mental, physical, social and spiritual to engaging a person creatively.

I love painting and love to teach painting. The end product is not near as important as the process and the person. I believe this and try to live what I believe while still producing quality paintings and a quality instruction.

Evolving as an Artist: Initially my work was all representational and easy to identify the very detailed subject matter; a purist approach. More recent works-while representational, show more emotion and tell more of a story. I depict that with color and value, with lost and found edges and with interpretation. The less I define, the more the image can be yours.

Painting is playing. Recent pieces utilize newer water media tools and pigments and even have elements of mixed media. Through all the changes I hope that you
still gain a sense of the awesomeness of
creation, the pure beauty of color and the
fragility of life itself from moment to
moment. Enjoy!

If you are interested in a class,
email me